Managed IIS Web Service

The following methods of the Managed IIS Namespace are exposed as Web methods in the Web Service:

Public Method Description
CreateFTPSite The CreateFTPSite method creates an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.
CreateVDir The CreateVDir method creates a virtual directory.
CreateWebSite The CreateWebSite method creates a Web site.
DeleteOrgSites The DeleteOrgSites method deletes all sites belonging to a particular organization.
DeleteSite The DeleteSite method deletes a Web or FTP site. The method replaces the deprecated DeleteFTPSite and DeleteWebSite methods.
DeleteVDir The DeleteVDir method deletes a virtual directory.
EnumConfig The EnumConfig method enumerates all properties of a Web or FTP site.
EnumConfigRecursive The EnumConfigRecursive method recursively enumerates all properties of a Web or FTP tree.
GetProperties The GetProperties method returns the properties of a Web or FTP site.
InstallServerExtensionsRoot The InstallServerExtensionsRoot method installs Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions.
ModifyWebSite The ModifyWebSite method updates the properties of a Web or FTP site.
RemoveServerExtensionsRoot The RemoveServerExtensionsRoot method removes FrontPage Server Extensions.
StartSite The StartSite method starts a Web or FTP site.
StopSite The StopSite method stops a Web or FTP site.
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