Web Services API

This document provides the details of the application programming interface (API) for the Web Service included with the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS). It is also a compilation of the details of various Web methods that are implemented in recent releases of Microsoft Solutions for Windows®-based Hosting and Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solutions.

The Web Service exposes multiple sets of Web methods that correspond to the public methods of various MPF namespaces. These methods, along with input parameters, return values, and other requirements are described herein.

Developers should use this API document as a reference when creating or utilizing Extensible Markup Language (XML) requests that you submit into MPS from the Web Service to initiate provisioning tasks.


The Web Service provides a gateway for Web developers to make calls directly against MPS. The Web Service provides a direct one-to-one mapping of Web Service methods to various corresponding named procedures of MPF namespaces. The Web Service does not provide any additional logic between the call from the user (via the Web Service) and the request sent to MPS.


The Web Service is built as an ASP.NET platform and serves as a wrapper for the public methods of various namespaces shipped with MPS. It provides the means for .NET developers to quickly and easily begin developing applications against MPS.


The Web Service interacts with the MPF Client object by means of the MPF Client .NET Wrapper. This enables the caller to submit XML requests containing named procedures (method calls) into MPS. The Web Service exposes numerous public methods of the following MPF namespaces:

In addition, the SubmitMPSRequest method is also exposed as a Web method in the Web Service. This method allows you to call any MPF named procedure. For more information, see MPS General.

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