Windows-based Hosting::CreateUser

This procedure creates a new user within a specified organization according to the policy name passed in as <policyName>. The possible values of this tag are hosting, reseller, customer, and default. The default policy creates only the requested organization. The exact behaviors of these policies are defined in the procedure GetPolicy in the Managed Active Directory namespace.

sAMAccountName behavior

When creating a user, it is necessary to also ensure that the new user's sAMAccountName is unique within the domain. If it is not, creation will fail. Therefore, when creating or renaming a user or group, the sAMAccountName will be similar to the input name (or Universal principal name), except that illegal sAMAccountName characters are removed, and '@' characters are replaced with '_'. If the sAMAccountName collides with an existing sAMAccountName, then a random string of digits will be appended to the sAMAccountName to ensure uniqueness.

The algorithm for generating a sAMAccountName from the seed name (Universal Principal Name for a user, or cn if the object is a group), is as follows:

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