IIS Provider::GetProperties

The GetProperties method allows you to retrieve one or more properties for a metabase key. This method supports DWord, String, MultiSz (string list), Boolean, Binary, MimeMapList, IPSecurity, and AdminAcl data types. The XML request example shows one property of each type. See IIS documentation for an explanation of the various data types. Trustees in AdminAcl types will be returned as DOMAIN\sAMAccountName.


Due to a bug in IIS 5.0, Binary types are ignored, and gets and sets of native Binary types (SSLCertHash and AdminACLBin) do nothing.


sAMAccountName cannot be longer than 20 characters. See SAM-Account-Name Attribute for more information..

Note that the example XML request reflects an invalid metabase construct that was created for the sake of illustration only.

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