Terminal Services Provider

This section provides the details of the The Managed Terminal Services Provider included with the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS) in the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 . The Managed Terminal Services Web Service offers basic control of Terminal Services connections, sessions and related user configuration through the MPSWS. It builds on the Managed Terminal Services Namespace and exposes all of its capabilities.

This section details all methods implemented by the provider.

Public Method Description
TerminalServicesProvider::ControlConnection Enable or disable incoming Terminal Services connections for the specified server
TerminalServicesProvider::ControlRemoteDesktop Configure the specified terminal server to allow or disallow new Terminal Services connections
TerminalServicesProvider::ControlServer Reboot or shut down the specified server
TerminalServicesProvider::ControlSession Log off or disconnect the specified session on the specified server
TerminalServicesProvider::GetServers Return a list of the terminal servers within a domain
TerminalServicesProvider::GetSessions Return a list of the Terminal Services sessions on the specified server
TerminalServicesProvider::GetUserConfiguration Retrieve a complete list of Terminal Services-related user settings for the specified user from Active Directory or from the specified terminal server
TerminalServicesProvider::SendSessionMessage Send the specified message to the specified Terminal Services session on the specified server
TerminalServicesProvider::SetUserConfiguration Set Terminal Services-related user settings for the specified user in Active Directory or on the specified Terminal server
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