MPS .NET Client Wrapper API

This section provides details about the application programming interface (API) for the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS) .NET Client Wrapper included with MPS in the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.5 . It describes the methods of the MPS .NET Client Wrapper that are required to generate Extensible Markup Language (XML) requests, along with input and output parameters. An example of a base XML request is also included.

Developers should use this API document as a reference when developing .NET applications that generate XML requests that you can submit into MPS to initiate provisioning tasks.


To ease the task of developing .NET-based applications that interact with MPS, Microsoft has built a base assembly dynamic-link library (DLL). This DLL provides the logic for generating the XML for a base MPF request and submitting that request to the MPF provisioning engine. This assembly consumes the MPF Client COM+ interface, which is an installation prerequisite.

The MPS .NET Client Wrapper is provided with MPS as part of the Developer Toolkit.


The MPS .NET Client Wrapper class provides simple methods that show developers how they can encapsulate the functionality necessary for interacting with the MPF provisioning engine in a single .NET assembly. Source code is provided with the Developer Toolkit to allow developers to extend the class to more appropriately meet their needs before actually deploying the wrapper into production.

Public Method Description
Test Namespace::DefaultConstructor Creates an instance of the request class, during the creation of which, an instance of the MPF Client COM object is also created.
Test Namespace::BuildBaseRequest Accepts as input parameters the MPS Namespace and the MPS Procedure that you intend to call.
Test Namespace::SubmitRequest Takes a prepared XML request and submits it to the MPF engine.
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