Exposes a set of methods for submitting and managing queued requests in the Provisioning Queue Manager Service of Microsoft® Provisioning Framework (MPF).


IProvQueue is implemented in mapsclient.dll. It inherits from IDispatch.

Accessing IProvQueue from C++ Code

The client include file, Provisioning.h, resides in the \inc subdirectory of the installed MPF SDK. Include this file in any application you write that sends requests to a queue manager. For creating the object, the prog ID is Provisioning.ProvQueueClient.1 and the class ID is CLSID_ProvQueueClient.

Public Methods
Activate Activates a queued request that was suspended.
AddDependency Establishes a parent-child relationship between two queued requests.
Delete Deletes a queued request.
QueryResults Retrieves the response XML for a queued request.
QueryStatus Retrieves the current status of a queued request.
SubmitRequest Submits a queued request.
SubmitTrustedRequest Submits a trusted queued request.
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