MPS Import::EnableUserForHosting

This procedureensures user is secured and configured for hosting. This procedure attempts to prepare a user for hosting by doing the following:

Text here.


The user must be located in an OU container that is compliant with the hosting prescription. If the OU was created or processed with any of the following, then it is valid:


Impersonate caller.

Required Input
Procedure Steps
  1. Managed Active Directory::GetThisOrganizationRoot - get the root organization for user being enabled.
  2. Managed Hosting::GetOrgType - retrieves the OWK for the organization type (e.g. hosting, reseller, customer, or default). This is used to set the policyName if a policyName is not provided by the caller.
  3. Managed Active Directory::EnableUser - user object is renamed to match.
  4. Managed Active Directory::RenameUser - user object is renamed to match standard of UPN = commonName.
  5. Managed Active Directory::GetPolicy - get the policy structure for the user.
  6. Managed Active Directory::SetGroupMemberships_ (conditional) - if customerTypeName = BusinessUser.
  7. Managed Active Directory::RemoveAllAuthenticatedUsersACEs_.
Typical Usage
	<execute namespace="MPS Import" procedure="EnableUserForHosting" impersonate="1">
	<after source="executeData" sourcePath="user" destination="data"/>

Typical Response

Shown for format only; content may vary.

	<user path="LDAP://,OU=MPSImportOrg01,OU=MPSImportRes01,OU=Hosting,DC=fabrikam,DC=com"

	<memberOfGroup name="LDAP://cn=AllUsers@MPSImportOrg01,cn=_Private,OU=MPSImportOrg01,OU=MPSImportRes01,OU=Hosting,DC=fabrikam,DC=com"/>

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