Windows Installer Provider

Contains procedures to install or remove a Microsoft Windows Installer package file (.msi). Used by Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF).

This API is a fully private API so only trusted users can execute Windows Installer Provider Procedures. There are no Managed or Hosting level namespaces that call into this provider. So there are no externally exposed (Web Service) endpoints that will result in a call to this API.

Improper or unauthorized use of this provider could result in remote execution of code, leaking of high privilaged credentials, compromise or damage to the remote or local server. For Windows Installer Provider security considerations, see Windows Installer Provider Security Considerations.


Program Files\Microsoft Provisioning\Providers\MPFMSIProv.dll

Name Windows Installer Provider
Version 1
Provider Source Provisioning.MSIProvider.1

Only a local administrator for the target computer can execute this provider.

Public Methods
Procedure Description
Install Installs a Windows Installer package file (.msi).
Uninstall Uninstalls a Windows Installer package file (.msi).
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