Scripting Provider::ExecuteScriptWithRollback

Executes a script that requires rollback. Used by Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF).

An example of a script that is appropriate for this procedure would be one that creates or updates files. The script can take the form of a file or an inline script block (like the <script> tag of an HTML file).

This procedure creates two intrinsic objects that are available to the script: ProviderXML and ProviderHelper.

Object Name Description
ProviderXML Exposes the IXMLDOMNode interface passed to the provider by a provisioning engine. The XML contains the executeData node, which has all data passed to the provider. The script uses this object to get and return data.
ProviderHelper Exposes the IProvHelper interface that the provider receives from a provisioning engine. The script can use this object to call the methods on that interface.
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