Active Directory Provider::Make Path Domain Controller Specific

Forces a lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) path to be specific to a Active Directory directory service domain controller. Used by Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF).

Using a single preferred domain controller eliminates replication delays that arise between multiple controllers. It is also useful if a transaction provisions another service that uses Active Directory, and you know which domain controller it is most likely to use. For example, if the other service is Exchange 2000 and the Exchange server is in a particular Active Directory Site, that site's domain controller should be the preferred domain controller.

If the LDAP path already contains an IP address, the procedure assumes that this address represents a domain controller and returns the path unchanged. Otherwise, it updates the path with the preferred domain controller's Domain Name System (DNS) name. If no preferred domain controller is specified or if the controller does not respond, the procedure performs a serverless bind for the LDAP path. The procedure also checks whether the original server and the preferred domain controller are in the same Active Directory domain. If they are not, it returns a 0xC2100FA5=ADSCO_DOMAIN_MISMATCH error.

If the domainController element is specified, the dcPath element will use that domain controller. This overrides the value in the preferredDomainController element. If the domainController element was not specified, a domainController element is returned with the domain controller that was picked to create dcPath.

Note Before using this procedure, see whether the Preferred DC Active Directory Provider can save you some time. This namespace executes Active Directory operations with a binding to the specified domain controller.

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