Hosted SharePoint 2007 Namespace

This document provides the details of the application programming interface (API) for the Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® HostedSharePoint2007 namespace included with the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) in the Microsoft Hosted Solutions. Contained herein are descriptions of the procedures of this namespace along with method input parameters and return values. In addition, example Extensible Markup Language (XML) requests are provided along with a typical XML response that the provisioning system returns after a request is submitted to MPS and tasks are completed. Developers should use this API document as a reference when creating XML requests that initiate Windows SharePoint Service provisioning tasks or as a basis for review of the Windows SharePoint Service named procedures that are exposed in the MPS Web Service. The intended use of this API is for client applications that will perform Windows SharePoint Service provisioning tasks.

With the goal of site subscription and site management, the HostedSharePoint2007 namespace enables MPS to provision Windows SharePoint Service sites either with or without Exchange mail boxes. Hosted Windows SharePoint Services will orchestrated the Product Catalog based enablement and disablement of Windows SharePoint Service.

Many of the procedures in this namespace accept as a parameter a target URL. This URL is passed to the SharePoint Provider to dictate which remote SharePoint Front-End server the provider will submit provisioning requests to, in order to perform the corresponding provisioning action. Since the MPS Engine will submit authenticated HTTP requests to the server specified by the target URL, it is important that you ensure that only valid Windows SharePoint Front-End servers are targeted for provisioning actions.

Suggestions for ensuring validity of servers in target URL:

Besides target, validation should be performed for parameters like URL, GUID, size, and email . For more information about input data validation, see Input Validation and Protection against Injection Attacks.

Public Methods
Public Method Description
HostedSharePoint2007::AddGroup Adds a Windows SharePoint Service group to the customer's site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::AddGroupToRole Adds a group to the specified role of the customer's site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::AddRole Adds a role to the customer's site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::AddUsersToRole Adds one or more user accounts to the specified role.
HostedSharePoint2007::ChangeOrganizationPlan Changes the customer organization's Windows SharePoint Service plan to the specified plan.
HostedSharePoint2007::CreateCustomerSite Creates a customer SharePoint Site Collection.
HostedSharePoint2007::CreateCustomerSubSite Creates a subsite in a customer's SharePoint Site Collection.
HostedSharePoint2007::CreateOrganizationPlan Creates a Windows SharePoint Service plan.
HostedSharePoint2007::DeleteCustomerSite Deletes a customer SharePoint Site Collection.
HostedSharePoint2007::DeleteCustomerSubSite Deletes a Subsite in a customer's SharePoint Site Collection.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetCustomerSite Wraps the ManagedSharepoint2007::GetCustomerSite procedure.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetOrganizationAvailablePlans Retrieves the available plans assigned to the specified customer organization.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetOrganizationPlan Gets the details of a specific Hosted Windows SharePoint Service plan.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetOrganizationPlanAssignment Retrieves the Hosted Windows SharePoint Service plan assigned to the specified customer organization.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetRoles Gets information about the specified roles.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetServiceInformation Returns detailed information about the Hosted Windows SharePoint Service.
HostedSharePoint2007::GetUsersFromRole Returns information about the collection of users in the specified role.
HostedSharePoint2007::Initialize Initializes the Mobility Namespace with the Plans Manager database. This should be run before any of these procedures are called.
HostedSharePoint2007::ModifyCustomerSite Wraps the ManagedSharepoint2007::ModifyCustomerSite procedure.
HostedSharePoint2007::ModifyCustomerSiteQuota Modifies a customer's quota for the site collection.
HostedSharePoint2007::ModifyOrganizationPlan Modifies the specified Hosted Windows SharePoint Service plan.
HostedSharePoint2007::QuerySitesByCustomer Queries all sites for an organization.
HostedSharePoint2007::RemoveGroup Removes a group from the customer's site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::RemoveGroupFromRole Removes a group from the specified role of the customer's site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::RemoveRole Removes a role from the customer site collection or subsite.
HostedSharePoint2007::RemoveUsersFromRole Removes one or more user accounts from the specified role.
HostedSharePoint2007::Subscribe Associates a Hosted Windows SharePoint Service plan with a customer organization.
HostedSharePoint2007::Unsubscribe Removes any association between Windows SharePoint Service plans and a customer organization.
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