Get Started with Microsoft Provisioning System SDK

Visual Studio 2005 is the integrated development environment (IDE) of choice when it comes to development tasks of all kinds for the Microsoft Hosted Solutions. This newest version of the Microsoft Provisioning System Software Development Kit (MPS SDK) enables the developer to more easily use the power of Visual Studio when developing features that will use the Microsoft Provisioning System.

This documentation provides an overview of these tools, including the available code samples and templates, and how to use them within the IDEs for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005.

Features of the MPS SDK

The MPS SDK includes the following features:

One of the benefits of MPS is the ability to further customize it to meet the specific needs of businesses. MPS can be extended through the addition of custom providers. Several samples are provided in this SDK to guide you in the beginning steps of writing a provider.

Writing Providers
 Writing Providers in Visual Studio.NET 2003
 Writing Providers in Visual Studio.NET 2005