Resource Management

This section describes the integrated resource management functionality included with Microsoft Provisioning System.

Resource Manager

An important service provisioning task is managing the resources that you allocate to customers as part of a provisioned service.

Resources that you use with Microsoft Provisioning System include the following:

Effective resource management balances the need to guarantee service availability to customers with the need to minimize server hardware and administration costs. To help service providers accomplish this, Microsoft Provisioning System integrates resource management into the basic provisioning tasks it performs by using Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) Resource Manager.

When you submit a provisioning request, Microsoft Provisioning System uses information stored in the Resource Manager database to select the most suitable resources to allocate to the customer from the pool of available resources. After allocating the resources, Microsoft Provisioning System then updates the Resource Manager database accordingly, removing the resources from the available pool and indicating to which customer they are allocated.