Get Started with Provider Development

Developing a Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) Provider is usually a four-step process.

Design the Provider

The MPS SDK Visual Studio Tools include the Provider Base Class 2.0 which exposes the necessary interfaces for an MPF Provider so that you can concentrate on the "action" code needed to provision the service in question. To ensure that the provider you plan to develop will do what you intend it to do, it is important to plan ahead. In this example, you will develop a provider which will allow you to send e-mail to one or more users.

The provider will need one method.


SendMail will take multiple input parameters pertaining to the task of sending e-mail.

The provider will use the .NET System.Web.Mail class to construct and send the message and return the resulting message from the SMTP server to the caller.

Prototype the Code

We recommend that you create a small command line or Microsoft Windows Forms Program first that allows you to prototype and proof the functionality desired; this also allows for a rapid development cycle. Moving the prototype code to the final provider code is a very quick (almost cut-and-paste) exercise.

Create the Provider

Use the Visual Studio Microsoft Provisioning System/MPF Provider Template to get started.

In the Solution Explorer you will see a the following files created: