Develop and Implement Custom Namespaces

This section provides a general overview of the steps required to create a custom namespace or modify an existing namespace (for example, the namespaces included with the solution).

Checklist: Create a Custom Namespace

Step Reference
1. Split your provisioning objective into a series of simple provisioning requests. API documentation
2. Create and test the XML provisioning request for each step. Visual Studio Tools and reference
3. Collect your provisioning requests into a custom namespace and include any necessary error-handling code.


When writing namespaces for computers set to a non-English locale, your XML files should all have the tag and be saved using Unicode - Codepage 65001 encoding.

Visual Studio Tools and reference
4. Register your custom namespace in the Microsoft Provisioning Framework configuration database. Registering Namespaces in MPF
5. Test your custom namespace. Testing Namespaces
6. Secure your custom namespace. Security in Microsoft Provisioning Framework
7. Modify the MPS Web services to reference the new namespace. Modifying the MPS Web Service

Checklist: Modify an Existing Namespace

Step Reference
1. Choose the appropriate namespace to modify. Non-provider namespaces available in Microsoft Provisioning System
2. Create a copy of the namespace XML file to be modified. See "Export the XML of the Namespace" in the Provisioning Manager help file, available on the MPS server.
3. Modify the namespace. Visual Studio tools and API reference
4. Save the XML file of the modified namespace and overwrite the existing XML file.


When you overwrite an existing namespace, you do not need to register the modified namespace; the modified namespace is already registered in the configuration database.

5. Modify the MPS Web services to reference the modified namespace. Modifying the MPS Web service
6. Modify the calls from your provisioning user interface to reference the new namespace. Modifying the Sample Control Panel
7. Test your modified namespace. Testing Namespaces
8. Secure your modified namespace. Securing a namespace