Attach Solution Controller

A service module controller XML file must be attached to your service module if your service module requires any of the following features:

For example, you can create a file DemoServiceModuleController.xml with the following structure:

<ServiceModuleController validator="ZoneBasedServiceModuleValidator" 
globalPanel="GlobalPanel" optionalPanel="OptionalPanel" submitControl="imgBtnSubmit">
<Control required="true" name="txtRequiredField1" message="Please enter the Required field 1 value"></Control>
  <Control required="false" name="txtOptionalField1"></Control>
<Control required="true" valueSource="TestDefault" name="txtRequiredField2" message="Please enter the Required field 2 value"></Control>

This code sample includes logic to set a default value to the txtRequiredField1 field. In order for this to function properly, you must add an attribute to the appSettings entry as follows:

	<add key="TestDefault" value="Default value example"/> 		


If there are other keys already defined in the Web.Config file do not remove them.

Attribute Required Description
Validator Yes Used to plug in the validator to be used for the service module. If you create your own validator, use this attribute to specify it.
required Yes Used to specify if the control is a required field or an optional field. The supported values are:
  • true
  • false
name Yes Used to specify the ID of the control that requires a required field validation to be marked as optional.
message no Used to specify the message that will be displayed to the user if the user does not enter a value or select an item in the control.
valueSource No Sets a default value when the user control is loaded. The value specified should be a valid appSetting key value in the Web.config file.
GlobalPanel Yes Used to specify the ID of the panel control in the service module that will house all the data entry controls.
OptionalPanel Yes Used to specify the ID of the panel control in the service module that will dynamically contain all the optional fields.
submitControl Yes Used to specify the control that will submit the service module data to the Web service. Validation scripts that are generated will be executed when the control has been clicked.