Hosted Active Directory

This topic lists the type names and type codes registered by this namespace.

Asset Types

This namespace does not register any asset types.

Customer Types
Name Code Description
BusinessUser BU Customer is a user in a business organization.
BusinessOrganization BZ Customer is a business organization.
ResellerOrganization RO Customer is a reseller organization.
ConsumerOrganization CO Customer is a consumer organization.
ConsumerUser CU Customer is a consumer user.
Group GP Customer is a group.
Contact CT Customer is a contact.
Event Types
Name Code Description
OrgCreated BC An organization has been created.
OrgDeleted BD An organization has been deleted.
OrgEnabled BE An organization has been enabled.
OrgModified BM An organization has been modified.
OrgDisabled BS An organization has been disabled.
UserCreated UC A new user has been created.
UserDeleted UD A user has been deleted.
UserModified UM A user has been modified.
UserEnabled UE A user has been enabled.
UserDisabled DU A user has been disabled.
ContactCreated CC A contact has been created.
ContactDeleted RC A contact has been deleted.
ContactModified CU A contact has been modified.
GroupCreated GC A group has been created.
GroupDeleted DG A group has been deleted.
GroupModified GU A group has been modified.
Feature Types

This namespace does not register any feature types.

Plan Types
Name Code Description
ADBusinessOrg AB Active Directory Plan type for a business organization.
ADConsumerOrg AC Active Directory Plan type for a consumer organization.
Status Types

This namespace does not register any status types.