Exchange Mobility Provider API

This document provides the details of the application programming interface (API) for the Exchange Mobility Provider included with the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS) in the . Contained herein are descriptions of the procedures of this provider along with method input parameters and return values. In addition, example Extensible Markup Language (XML) requests are provided along with a typical XML response that the provisioning system returns after a request is submitted to MPS and tasks are completed.

Developers should use this API document as a reference when creating XML requests that initiate Hosted Exchange Mobility provisioning tasks. The intended use of this API is for client applications that will perform Hosted Exchange Mobility-specific provisioning tasks.


The Exchange Mobility Provider is a new provider for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration Services, version 3.5 that supplies a set of public methods for provisioning the Hosted Exchange Mobility Service. The namespace enables Service Providers to provision the Hosted Exchange Mobility Service to customer organizations and users through the managed provisioning environment of MPS, using the MPF Engine, version 2.1.

The Exchange Mobility Provider is implemented as a standard MPF provider. It exposes interfaces for low-level Exchange Mobility tasks and encapsulates methods that do the following:

Provisioning Actions

The Exchange Mobility Provider interacts with the Active Directory Provider and SQL Provider to manage Exchange Mobility settings for users and organizations. Provisioning tasks that you can accomplish with this provider include:


The Exchange Mobility Provider is part of an overall design that provides the mobility feature set for the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, version 3.5 solution. These components include:

  1. MPS Web Service - contains new UI components exposing the ability to execute device setup over the air, manage and apply device security policies, and perform a remote wipe of a mobile device.
  2. MDS Device Setup Web Service - provides access to external Mobile Device Services (MDS) Web Service. Used to send device setup configuration from MPS Web Service to MDS.
  3. MPS Web Service/Hosted Exchange Mobility Web Service - reflects a one-to-one mapping of Hosted Exchange Mobility Namespace procedures and methods exposed in the Web Service.
  4. Exchange Mobility Provider - an MPF provider that implements low-level tasks such as setting mobile device policy or executing a remote wipe.
  5. Hosted Exchange Mobility Namespace - manages calls between providers and other namespaces to execute Exchange Mobility provisioning tasks.
  6. Customer Plans Database - additions to the HeCustomerPlansDb database implement storage and logic for managing mobile devices, mobile device security policies, and remote wipe activities.

Figure EMP.1 illustrates the architecture of the overall design in which the Exchange Mobility Provider and other listed components exist:

Figure EMN.1: Hosted Exchange Mobility feature set implementation


You install the Exchange Mobility Provider with the MPS Deployment Tool. Because the functionality of this provider depends on interaction with other components, you must ensure that you queue the following components for installation with the tool at deployment design time:

Public Method Description
Exchange Mobility Provider::SetUserPolicy Sets a mobile policy on a user's Active Directory object.
Exchange Mobility Provider::ClearUsersPolicy Clears a user's mobile device policy.
Exchange Mobility Provider::SetUserPolicyExemption Sets a user's policy exempt status.
Exchange Mobility Provider::ClearUserPolicyExemption Clears a user's policy exempt status.
Exchange Mobility Provider::GetUsersPolicy Retrieves a user's mobile device policy. If no policy is found, an exception is thrown.
Exchange Mobility Provider::WipeActiveSyncDevice Wipes a Microsoft ActiveSync® (mobile) device.
Exchange Mobility Provider::CancelActiveSyncDeviceWipe Cancels an ActiveSync device wipe that is in progress.
Exchange Mobility Provider::GetActiveSyncDevices Retrieves a list of devices for the specified user that have been synched with the Exchange server.
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