Exchange Offline Address Book Update Overview

The Knowledge Base article KB 945629 updates the sizing guidance for Exchange Offline Address Book (OAB) servers. The current limit is raised to a new per-server maximum of 10,000 OABs. This ten-fold increase compared to Hosted Messaging & Collaboration version 4.0 allows hosters to save on hardware, software licensing, and maintenance cost. After raising the limit in an environment, hosters should monitor Active Directory performance carefully to ensure the change has no negative impact. Hosters should also ensure the existing hardware for the OAB servers are capable of handling the increase to ensure that customers are still able to quickly download updates to their OABs, even during peak working hours.

OAB Resource Manager Namespace

The Exchange OAB Resource Manager provides an API that tracks and allocates available servers that can hold OABs. The Exchange OAB Resource Manager can track: .