Hosted Unified Messaging Namespace

This section provides the details of the application programming interface (API) for the Hosted Unified Messaging namespace included with the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS) in the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 . The Hosted Unified Messaging namespace is designed to provide an interface to the Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging provider. The goal is to:


The Hosted Unified Messaging namespace installs as a Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) Namespace in MPS Provisioning Manager. It may require the additional execution of a procedure to set up permissions, credentials, or perform additional initialization configurations.

Public Methods
Public Method Description
Hosted Unified Messaging::ChangeOrganizationPlanAssignment This procedure changes an organizations Unified Messaging plan.
Hosted Unified Messaging::CreateOrganizationPlan This procedure creates a new Unified Messaging plan. There are no specific plan options for Unified Messaging.
Hosted Unified Messaging::DisableCustomer This procedure disables a customer and all the customers' users for unified messaging.
Hosted Unified Messaging::DisableMailbox This procedure disables a user's mailbox for unified messaging.
Hosted Unified Messaging::EnableCustomer This procedure enables a customer organization for Unified Messaging by subscribing to the service, creating a dial plan and hunt group and finally enabling all existing mailboxes within the customer organization.
Hosted Unified Messaging::EnableMailbox This procedure enables a user's mailbox for unified messaging. The procedure will examine the org to ensure it has a UM Plan before proceeding and retrieve some information from the service pointer.
Hosted Unified Messaging::GetOrganizationPlan This procedure retrieves details about the specified plan.
Hosted Unified Messaging::GetOrganizationPlanAssignment This procedure retrieves the plan assigned to the specified organization.
Hosted Unified Messaging::GetServiceInformation This procedure returns information used to register this service.
Hosted Unified Messaging::ModifyOrganizationPlan This procedure modifies the attributes of a Unified Messaging Organization plan.
Hosted Unified Messaging::Initialize This procedure initializes the Unified Messaging namespace with the Plans Manager database. This should be run before any of these procedures are called.
Hosted Unified Messaging::Subscribe This procedure adds the Unified Messaging plan to the specified organization.
Hosted Unified Messaging::UnSubscribe This procedure removes the Unified Messaging plan from the specified organization.
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