Exchange 2007 Provider Namespace

This section provides the details of the application programming interface (API) for the Exchange 2007 Provider namespace included with the Microsoft® Provisioning System (MPS) in the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 . The purpose of this API is to provide public access to granular Exchange provider functions. In addition to making the procedures public the namespace performs role based security checks before delegating the call to the provider. The goal is to


The Exchange 2007 Provider namespace installs as a Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) Namespace in MPS Provisioning Manager. It may require the additional execution of a procedure to set up permissions, credentials, or perform additional initialization configurations.

Public Methods
Public Method Description
Exchange 2007 Provider::AddFolderPermission Adds permission to an existing public folder.
Exchange 2007 Provider::AddMailboxPermission Adds specific permissions for users or groups to the specified Mailbox.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateAddressList Creates an Addresslist for an organization.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateFolder Creates a folder within a MAPI TLH and assigns permissions.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateGlobalAddressList Create a Global Addresslist for an Organization.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateMailbox Causes the server to create a mailbox in Exchange.
Exchangel 2007 Provider::CreateOfflineAddressBook Creates an offline address book (OAB) for a customer. And it updates the access rules in Active Directory so that only users in the specified organization have the permission to download the OAB.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateResourceMailbox Creates a resource mailbox in Exchange.
Exchange 2007 Provider::CreateSMTPDomain Creates the SMTP domain(s) for a hosted customer.
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteAddressList Deletes address list for customer.
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteFolder Deletes a Public Folder
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteGlobalAddressList Removes the Global Address List (GAL) from all GALs and also updates the Exchange configuration container to reflect the changes.
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteMailbox Deletes a Mailbox
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteOfflineAddressBook Deletes offline address book for customer.
Exchange 2007 Provider::DeleteSMTPDomain Deletes SMTP Domain.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetCASMailbox Returns a list of the attributes of a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 mailbox on a client access server (CAS).
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetMailbox Gets the Protocol settings property of a mailbox.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetMailboxPermission Retrieves the current permissions for users or groups to the Specified Mailbox.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetOABVDir Retrieves attributes of an OAB Virtual Directory on a CAS server.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetOfflineAddressBook Gets an OAB for a customer.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetResourceMailbox Retrieves the attributes of a resource mailbox from Exchange.
Exchange 2007 Provider::GetSMTPDomain Returns a collection of the AcceptedDomains.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailDisableContact Mail-disables a contact.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailDisableFolder Mail-disables a public folder.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailDisableGroup Disables a Distribution List's email capability.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailEnableContact Mail-enables an existing contact.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailEnableFolder Mail-enable a public folder.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MailEnableGroup Mail-enables a group, effectively turning it into a distribution list.
Exchange 2007 Provider::ModifyFolder Modifies an existing Public folder.
Exchange 2007 Provider::ModifyOfflineAddressBook Modifies an OAB for a business organization
Exchange 2007 Provider::ModifyMailbox Causes the server to update an Exchange mailbox.
Exchange 2007 Provider::ModifyResourceMailbox Modifies the attributes of a resource mailbox in Exchange.
Exchange 2007 Provider::MoveMailbox Causes the server to move an Exchange mailbox
Removes an Offline Addresslist for an Organization.
Exchange 2007 Provider::RebuildOfflineAddressBook Rebuilds an Offline Addresslist for an Organization.
Exchange 2007 Provider::RemoveFolderPermission Removes permissions on a Public folder.
Exchange 2007 Provider::RemoveMailboxPermission Removes specific permissions for users or groups to the Specified Mailbox.
Exchange 2007 Provider::RepairExchangeObject Repairs the OtherWellKnownObjects values of the Active Directory Object.
Exchange 2007 Provider::SetCASMailbox Sets CAS Mailbox data.
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