Exchange Resource Manager Ex::ReallocateBusinessMailstoreResource

This procedure modifies the properties of existing mail stores which have been added to resource management for business organizations. The procedure can change the size of a mail store in resource management, by specifying number of megabytes by which to increase or decrease the allocation.


This procedure is deprecated in the current release. The Krakatoa version of Exchange Resource Manager contains a ModifyResources procedure that provides the functionality of increasing or decreasing the size of a mailstore being used by business users. The procedure will be modified to pass through this new procedure and will be maintained in this namespace for backwards compatibility. Developers creating solutions, however, should change their calls to use the Exchange Resource Manager::ModifyResources procedure vs. this procedure.


In this procedure, the <megabytes> parameter is relative. Positive numbers are added to the mail store allocation. Negative numbers are subtracted from the mail store allocation.

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