Exchange Provider::CreateGlobalAddressList

The CreateGlobalAddressList method creates a Global Address List (GAL) and applies permissions. To accomplish this, the method performs the following steps:

  1. Creates the global address list in the GAL container.
  2. Sets the default purportedSearch attribute, if it is not specified in the filter parameter.


    The purportedSearch attribute is used by the Recipient Update Service (RUS) to stamp the showInAddressBook attributes of users. In a hosted environment, the domain RUS should be off, in which case the purportedSearch attribute does not apply. However, the purportedSearch attribute is still set in case the RUS is ever turned on, so that filters and entries in the showInAddressBook attribute still persist.

  3. Grants the following permissions to the principals specified in <readAccess>:
    • Read
    • Execute
    • Read Permissions
    • List Contents
    • Read Properties
    • Open Address List
  4. Sets the new address list as an otherWellKnownObjects attribute on the organization, using the value: WKGUID=89FB25B7DF784fc198A493E2E8A0EE7E.
  5. Adds the new GAL to the globalAddressList attribute of the Microsoft Exchange configuration container.
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