Managed Data Hosting::ModifyCustomerDatabaseFile

The ModifyCustomerDatabaseFile modifies settings for a specified database. You can only change one attribute at a time - for example, file size.

T-SQL Issues

There are T-SQL issues when modifying database attributes with the ModifyDatabaseFile method.

In SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition with SP2, T-SQL calls that alter the file growth size to unrealistic numbers, such as growing the log file of the database by 3TB, will result in a log file growth of 1MB. This is an inconsistency of the SQL Server since the SQL Admin Provider is merely passing through the statements to the server. Also, this is not an API issue, rather it is the result of the server not processing the "corrupt" value.

Values of file growth size over 1 TB will not generate an error message, but rather will report a completed transaction and leave the log file growth at the default of 1MB.

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