Generate ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services

This section introduces the Well-Enabled Services (WES) Generator available in the Connected Services Framework Integration Kit . You must deploy the Microsoft Hosting Solutions for Service Providers to obtain the WES Generator installer. This tool allows you to more easily create WESs that conform to the Hosting Solutions core API and that integrate with external services such as the Connected Services Framework (CSF).

Figure: CSF to Hosting Solution Integration

Because the interfaces of a WES and an MPS namespace are both based on XML, codifying messages through an XML Schema Definition (XSD) provides the basis for being able to automatically generate WES representations of an MPS namespace.

Figure: WES Generation Process Overview

Table: WES Generation Components Overview

Component Description
MPS Namespace Schemas Input and output XSDs are created for the input and output messages of MPS Namespace public procedures that will be included in a WES. The standards for these XSDs and how to embed them in an MPS Namespace are covered in this documentation.
Service Generator A console application providing a utility for processing XML Schema Definitions (XSDs) embedded in MPS Namespace APIs to output generated code. Designed for integration into build systems (for example, MsBuild) and Microsoft Visual Studio integration. The Service Generator contains a private, but extensible, class library encapsulating all the functionality for code generation.
MPS XML Serialization A set of infrastructure classes that handle the serialization/de-serialization of messages to and from the MPS Engine. This is implemented to ensure compatibility between standard .NET serialization and the XML requirements of the MPS Engine.
Service Base Class An infrastructure class that abstracts the basic functionality of a Well-Enabled Service. This provides a standardized way for the service to interact with the back-end provisioning service (MPS) and simplifies the overall amount of source code that must be generated for a service.

Please check the Microsoft Hosting Solutions for Service Providers frequently for updates to the Connected Services Framework Integration Kit.