Step 1. Connect to the Ops Mgr Data Warehouse

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Before you start working with spreadsheets in the Veeam VMware PowerPivot Example workbook, connect to your Ops Mgr DW to retrieve data from it:

1. Launch Microsoft Excel, open the PowerPivot tab and click Manage.
2. In the PowerPivot For Excel window, switch to the Home tab and click Existing Connections.
3. In the Existing Connections window, select the SCOM_DW data source and click Edit.

Choose a data source

4. In the Edit Connection window, expand the Server name drop-down list and choose your server which hosts Data Warehouse.

Choose a DW server

Click Test Connection, wait for the connection to be tested, click OK and then click Save.

Test the connection

5. On the Home tab, click Refresh > Refresh All, wait for the new data to be retrieved and click Close.

Retrieve data

6. Close the PowerPivot For Excel window.