Last Updated: August 17, 2011

Using MOSDAL Wizard Mode

The Wizard Mode (Graphic 6) simplifies collection of log files for users, allowing the selection of Data Collection or Network Connectivity log files, or both. By default, only Data Collection is selected. If  Network Connectivity or Data Collection and Network Diagnostics is selected, users are prompted to select their region. Selecting the region allows BPOS-S or Office 365 users to collect networking data relating to their specific servers. Once the user selections are completed, click Next.


Graphic 6– Wizard Mode selection screen.

A popup screen (Graphic 7) reminds users to close all other applications before MOSDAL begins collecting log files. Only the applications involved with the issue should be open when MOSDAL runs. Reproduce the issue and click Generate Report to begin collection of the log files.


Graphic 7– Reminder to close open applications.

NOTE: After completion of the MOSDAL Report, the report directory is compressed into a .zip file called, making it easy for the user to send the MOSDAL results to the Support Engineer.