Last Updated: June 1, 2011

Network Configuration

When the data collection or the network diagnostics part of the tool is run, it always creates a folder: Network_Configuration.

The Network_Configuration folder contains several network configuration files. Some prominent files are:

The ipconfig.txt file should always be the first file to check when starting network troubleshooting, since it contains all the network settings for the system. The route print.txt should be reviewed if the workstation is having problems sending information out of their local area network. It contains the default route and the gateway name, which are critical to routing information out of the current LAN.

The hosts.txt file should be reviewed if the user is having issues with domain name resolutions and they are particularly having problems connecting to Web sites or portal servers using their browser. Since the file is consulted before the local DNS servers, it can lead to issues if the user had manually updated this file.