WMI Provider Properties, General Tab

Allows you to specify WMI provider properties. For information about the Microsoft WMI SDK, which includes a WMI object browser, see the Microsoft Web site msdn.microsoft.com. For example, to monitor the RemoteAccess service and provide a WMI event when RemoteAccess changes from Stopped to Running, you might create the following WMI provider:

Field Value
Name RemoteAccess Service Watcher
Namespace root\CIMV2
Query select * from __InstanceOperationEvent within 5 where TargetInstance isa "Win32_Service" and TargetInstance.Name = "RemoteAccess" and TargetInstance.State = "Running"
Property List __Namespace, __Path

In this example, the properties __Namespace and __Path are returned. If you want all properties returned, leave the Property List field blank.

The fields are defined as follows:

Specifies the WMI provider name.
Specifies the WMI namespace to which the class of the WMI numeric data belongs. Namespace is a unit for grouping classes and instances.
Specifies the WQL query for WMI event notification.
Property list
Specifies the list of properties you want to view for the notification object. Separate the properties with a comma.