Processing Rule Properties, General Tab

Allows you to specify the name for a processing rule and whether the rule is currently enabled. The fields are defined as follows:

Specifies the user-defined name of the processing rule. The first character of any name should be a letter. The following characters can be letters, numbers, underscores, or blanks. Processing rule names are not required.
Specifies whether the processing rule is currently enabled.
Rule action
Specifies what the processing rule does. This field is read-only.
Processing rule path
Specifies the path of the processing rule group to which the rule belongs. This field is read-only.
Processing rule GUID
Specifies a globally unique identifier for the processing rule. This field is read-only.
Last modified by
Specifies the account that last modified this rule, as well as the date and time the rule was last modified. This field is read-only.