HTML Properties Window

The HTML Properties window of MOM Reporting allows you to specify options for saving reports as HTML files. These options specify where MOM Reporting saves the HTML files, as well as the file to use as the template for the saved reports. When you install MOM Reporting, these options are set to the appropriate default values for MOM Reporting on the local computer. For more information about publishing HTML reports, see Publishing HTML Reports.

Specify the desired values, and then click OK. The fields on this window are defined as follows:

HTML output root directory
Specifies the directory in which the saved reports are stored, such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2000\Event\Reports. MOM Reporting creates a folder in the specified directory for each report that is saved in HTML format. MOM Reporting then saves each report as an HTML file in the appropriate folder.
HTML template file
Specifies the location of the template file used for each report saved as HTML. This field must be a fully qualified HTML file name, such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2000\Event\Reports\MCSrept.html. The default template file ensures correct navigation and styles are provided in each report. You can customize the template file to meet your specific needs.