Alert Properties, Detected Condition Tab

Allows you to view detailed information for an alert. The fields are defined as follows:

Specifies the severity of the alert, such as Warning or Security Breach.
Specifies the computer on which the alert occurred.
Specifies the user-defined name identifying the source of the alert. If no name is defined, this field defaults to the event source name.
Specifies the date and time when the alert occurred. All times are in the time zone of the local computer.
Specifies the name of the processing rule that generated the alert.
Repeat Count
Specifies the number of identical alerts that this instance represents.
Specifies the description of the alert. This column uses the text that Windows provides in the event description.
Specifies a globally unique identifier for the alert. You can use this GUID to locate a specific alert.
View Rule
Displays the processing rule that generated the alert.