Copying a View

You can copy and paste views into the Monitor, the My Views and Public Views folders, or folders you have created. You can create a new view by copying and pasting an existing view and then modifying the pasted view. You can copy and paste a view within the current Monitor snap-in or into a Monitor snap-in for another configuration group.

To copy a view:

  1. Expand Microsoft Operations Manager (default) in the left pane.
  2. Expand Monitor in the left pane.
  3. Expand lower-level folders as necessary.
  4. Click the view you want to copy.
  5. Click Action on the menu bar.
  6. Click Copy on the Action menu.
  7. Click one of the following items in the left pane:
  8. Click Action on the menu bar.
  9. Click Paste on the Action menu.

Pasting a view into the My Views folder creates a private view accessible only by the person pasting the view. Private views are accessible using any MOM Administrator Console or Web Console in the configuration group. Pasting a view into the Public Views folder creates a view accessible by anyone using this or other MOM Administrator Consoles or Web Consoles in the configuration group.