Viewing or Printing a Report

The reports display the information from the selected data source. Therefore, you must select a data source before viewing, printing, or saving the reports. Then, you can view or print a report, as well as save a report in HTML format.


To view or print a report:

  1. Select a data source. For more information, see Selecting a Data Source.
  2. Select the report you want in the left pane of MOM Reporting.
  3. Specify the report criteria in the right pane of MOM Reporting. The criteria for most reports are defined as follows:
  4. Date range
    Specifies the dates on which the entries included in the report were logged:
    All dates
    Includes all entries that match the remaining criteria specified.
    Includes entries that match the remaining criteria specified only if those entries were logged during the specified dates.
    Chart options
    Specifies how the graphs are drawn in the reports that provide graphs.
    Chart Type
    Specifies the type of graph to produce. For more information about the different types of graphs, see Understanding Graphs.
    Use smooth lines
    Specifies whether the graphed lines are smoothed to reduce extreme values.
    Y-axis range
    Specifies the minimum and maximum values for the Y-axis of the graph.
    Select servers to include in the report
    Specifies the servers from which the entries are included in the selected report.
    Includes in the report entries from all the servers listed in the Server list box.
    Includes in the report entries from the servers selected in the Server list box.
  5. Click the desired action button:
  6. If you are viewing the report, press the ESC key to return to the main window.