Using the Command-Line Wizard

MOM Reporting provides a command-line interface. This interface allows you to automate the report generation process. For example, you can create a batch file that contains the commands to generate the reports you want. Then, you can use the Windows Task Scheduler, as explained in Scheduling Report Generation, to run that batch file at scheduled times. For more information, see Automating Report Generation.

MOM Reporting also provides a command-line wizard that allows you to create a batch file that contains a command to generate specific reports. You can use the wizard to create the batch file and see what options are required to generate a specific report. You can also run the wizard several times, saving each command to a separate batch file, and then combine the commands into one batch file.

To generate multiple reports from a batch file, prefix each command in the file with the START /WAIT command. For more information about the START /WAIT command, see the MS-DOS help.

To use the command-line wizard to create a batch file:

  1. Click Tools on the menu bar.
  2. Click Report Command Line Wizard on the Tools menu.
  3. Follow the instructions until you have finished creating the batch file to generate the reports you need.