Making Reports Available in the MOM Administrator Console and Web Console

MOM Reporting allows you to publish reports (saved as HTML) and make them available through the MOM Administrator Consoles and the Web Console. You can also configure Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) to automatically generate and publish reports to HTML files or to a printer. For more information, see Configuring Automatically Published Reports.

MOM provides flexible components that allow you to setup your configuration groups in many ways. The MOM setup program creates directories and sets several configuration values to support HTML report generation and publication. To make reports available in the MOM Administrator Console and the Web Console, you should understand these settings. For more information about these default settings, see Report Publishing.

To make reports available in the MOM Administrator Console and the Web Console:

  1. Make sure the Web Console server, MOM Reporting, and DAS are installed on the same computer. If the DAS is not installed on the Web Console server, use Internet Services Manager to change the authentication method on the MOM and MOM Reporting virtual directories to Basic Authentication.
  2. Set the Web Console server virtual directory locations in the database by completing the following steps:
    1. Expand Microsoft Operations Manager (default) in the left pane of the MOM Administrator Console.
    2. Expand Configuration in the left pane.
    3. Click Global Settings in the left pane.
    4. Click Web Addresses in the right pane.
    5. Click Action on the menu bar.
    6. Click Properties on the Action menu.
    7. Specify the computer name and virtual directory for the Web Console server (computer/OnePointOperations) and MOM Reporting (computer/Reporting).
    8. Click OK.
  3. Add the users who should be able to view the reports to the OnePointOp MOM Reporting group. This group enables users to view the data in the database.
  4. Publish the desired reports to the Web Console server. For more information, see Publishing HTML Reports.