Monitoring the Product

Using Microsoft Operations Manager 2000, you can track events and alerts to monitor the status of your network. You can also monitor the status of product components and view the status of agents in the configuration group. For more information, see Monitoring the Agent Status of a Component Computer.

The Agent Manager, which is part of the Consolidator, is responsible for deploying agents on its managed computers. Managed Computer rules specify the computers in an Agent Manager's Managed Computers list. To view information about the computers for which an Agent Manager is responsible, or to examine an Agent Manager's agent installation parameters, see Configuring Agent Manager Properties.

The Agent Manager, by default, performs a daily scan of its managed computers to see if it should install or remove agents. You can perform a manual scan if you do not want to wait for the automatic scan to be performed. For example, if you create or change computer grouping rules, a scan can determine if any actions are required on the managed computers. For more information, see Scanning Managed Computers.

By default, when an Agent Manager determines that an agent needs to be installed or removed, it places the agent computer in the Pending Installations list to wait for your approval or cancellation. For more information, see Handling Pending Installations.

You might determine that the Managed Computers list includes computers for which you do not want the Agent Manager to be responsible. For more information, see Excluding a Computer from the Managed Computers List.