Monitoring the Health of Your Network

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 allows you to quickly identify potentially serious network problems, track resolution progress, and provide resolution information that others in your organization can use.

For a quick overview of network conditions, you can view the Today window. For more information, see Viewing the Today Window.

Default Monitor views can show you information about all service level exceptions, all open alerts, and all computers in the configuration. You can quickly view specific alert and event details, performance data, and product component status. For more information, see the following topics:

For example, for a closer look at network activity, expand Monitor in the left pane, and then click All Computers. The most severe alert for each computer in the configuration group is indicated in the left column.

The All Computers view provides an easy way to retrieve useful information about computers and their alerts. You can click a computer in this window, and view computer properties, alerts, events, performance, computer group membership, and the processing rules applied to this computer.

Double-click a computer in the All Computers view to see its open alerts. You can view details for alerts that include the times they occurred, their sources, and their current resolution states. Alert properties also include any associated knowledge base information and the resolution history. The resolution history shows if any responses were carried out for the alert.

For more information about monitoring alerts, see the following topics: