Installing Agents

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) installs agents based on computer grouping rules and the Agent Manager Managed Computer rules.

Many computer grouping rules are predefined in Management Pack modules. For information about creating additional computer grouping rules, see Creating a Computer Group.

When MOM was installed, the setup program created one Managed Computer rule for the Consolidator computer. Managed Computer rules create a Managed Computers list, so by default, the local computer is in the Managed Computers list. The Agent Manager is responsible for computers in its Managed Computers list. For information about creating additional Managed Computer rules, see Modifying the Managed Computers List.

During a managed computer scan, the Agent Manager identifies computers that require agent installation or uninstallation. For more information about scanning computers, see Scanning Managed Computers.

By default, the Pending Installations window of the Configuration snap-in lists the computers requiring agent installation or uninstallation. You can choose to approve or cancel pending actions. For more information, see Handling Pending Installations.

After the Agent Manager installs an agent on a computer, you might need to restart the computer before the agent will start. If you must restart the agent computer, the Agent Manager logs an event with an event ID of 21116, 21118, or 21169. For information about checking events in the Monitor, see Viewing Events.