Scheduling Database Grooming Jobs

You can change scheduled times for the default grooming jobs using SQL Server Enterprise Manager.


To change scheduled database grooming:

  1. Log on with an Administrator account to the computer on which you installed the database.
  2. Run Enterprise Manager from the Microsoft SQL Server folder.
  3. Expand SQL Server Group.
  4. Expand the server that contains the Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 database.
  5. Expand Management.
  6. Expand SQL Server Agent.
  7. Click Jobs in the left pane.
  8. Select the job you want to reschedule.
  9. Click Action.
  10. Click Properties.
  11. Select the Schedules tab.
  12. Click Edit on the Properties window.
  13. Click Change on the Edit Job Schedule window.
  14. Specify the desired values on the Edit Recurring Job Schedule window, and then click OK.
  15. Click OK on the Edit Job Schedule window.
  16. Click OK on the Properties window, and then click Yes.
  17. Close the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.