Disabling Database Reindexing Jobs

You can disable the OnePoint-Reindex and OnePoint-Reindex Event Table default database jobs using SQL Server Enterprise Manager. If you do not expand the database, allocating at least 40 percent free space, these jobs fail. The failure of the reindexing jobs does not affect your Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 implementation. If you disable the reindexing jobs, you will not experience the performance boost the jobs create.

To disable the database reindexing jobs:

  1. Log on with an Administrator account to the computer on which you installed the database.
  2. Run Enterprise Manager from the Microsoft SQL Server folder.
  3. Expand SQL Server Group.
  4. Expand the server that contains the database.
  5. Expand Management.
  6. Expand SQL Server Agent.
  7. Click Jobs in the left pane.
  8. Select the job in the right pane you want to disable.
  9. Click Action.
  10. Click Disable Job on the Action menu.
  11. Close the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.