Understanding Management Pack modules

Microsoft provides a number of predefined, out-of-the-box solutions called Management Pack modules. Management Pack modules are ready-to-use knowledge for monitoring and managing specific applications and environments, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Management Pack modules provide immediate and extensive Windows 2000 expertise.

You can load Management Pack module components and begin specialized event and performance management immediately.

Management Pack modules provide specific processing rule groups, computer groups, and processing rules, such as filters, alerts, and performance sampling and threshold rules. Management Pack modules also provide predefined computer attributes, providers, scripts, and the Microsoft Knowledge Base, as well as public views and default notification groups.

You can install Management Pack modules during the setup process or by importing them. Microsoft offers revised, updated, and additional Management Pack modules as they are developed. You can import updated Management Pack modules, and any changes you have made to earlier versions can be preserved.

You can also export Management Pack modules. You can choose to export a processing rule group, and the export process also exports all the computer groups, data providers, scripts, and other information required by the processing rules within the groups. The exported information is a Management Pack module.

The following list is a sampling of the Management Pack modules available:

For detailed information about the purpose, features, and configuration of Management Pack modules, see the Management Pack Module Configuration Guide.