SNMP Traps

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) provides SNMP capabilities to allow integration with other network monitoring applications. You can configure MOM to generate an SNMP trap when an alert-generating processing rule match occurs. An SNMP-ready monitoring application can then capture these traps. You can ensure the event information is captured and stored in the database, as well as passed on to other network monitoring applications.

For example, you want MOM to send an SNMP trap whenever a Windows service stops. You can create a processing rule to alert you when a service stop event occurs. The product then sends an SNMP trap that contains all the event information in the SNMP trap variable bindings.

The Windows SNMP service must be installed on the agent computer.

You can specify that SNMP traps are sent from the agent or Consolidator computer. The advantage of sending a trap from the agent computer is the trap originates on the computer experiencing a problem. This is a requirement if you are integrating MOM with other monitoring tools. This solution requires SNMP installation and configuration of SNMP on each agent computer. Sending a trap from the Consolidator computer reduces SNMP installation and configuration.