Notification Groups

A notification group specifies operators and operator schedules. An operator is someone who can receive and respond to a notification. Operator schedules indicate the days of the week and hours of the day when the person can be reached by e-mail, page, or external command notification. Using notification groups enables shift-based responsibility for handling responses.

Using the Rules snap-in, you can create the notification group and then create operators within the notification group. Operators can belong to more than one notification group.

For complete coverage, at least one operator in each notification group must be scheduled to receive an e-mail or page for every hour in every day. If certain times are not included in at least one operator's schedule, then no one is notified if the processing rule match occurs during that time.

For example, a default notification group is titled Security Specialists. When you create security-related processing rules, the alert response can include notifying the Security Specialists notification group. The operators within the Security Administrators notification group are individuals whose schedules indicate when they can receive a notification. When a processing rule match occurs, Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 notifies the operators whose schedules indicate their availability.