Alert Severity

When an event or threshold occurs that matches a processing rule, Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 associates the specified alert, along with the alert severity, to that event. The alert severity allows you to determine at a glance the importance of the indicated condition. You decide the alert severity when you create the processing rule. Possible alert severities are defined as follows:

Service Unavailable icon

Service Unavailable. Red down arrow identifies events generated for missed agent heartbeats and other events indicating that an application or service is unavailable to its users.

Security Breach icon

Security Breach. Red target identifies an alert that indicates a security compromise has occurred. Systems on the network are at risk.

Critical Error icon

Critical Error. Red stop sign identifies an alert that indicates a serious problem needing attention immediately.

Error icon

Error. Orange square identifies an alert that is important and needs attention soon.

Warning icon

Warning. Yellow triangle identifies an alert that might indicate future problems or lower priority issues requiring research.

Information icon

Information. Green circle identifies an alert that simply provides information.

Success icon

Success. Blue half-circle identifies an alert that indicates a successful event or operation.

No alerts

No alerts. Indicates that no alerts are present.