Most Common Events

This report provides a list of the most common events. The report lists the top 25 percent of these events, based on the event count. The report is sorted by the event count, with the event that occurred most often listed first.

The columns of this report are defined as follows:

Specifies the source of the event.
Specifies the log in which the event was recorded, such as System, Security, or Application.
Event Type
Specifies the status of the logged event as determined by the application that generated the event log entry, such as Error, Warning, Information, Failure, or Success.
Event #
Specifies the number of the event.
Event Count
Specifies the number of times the event identified in the Source and Event # columns occurred during the time period specified in the report criteria.
Specifies the percentage that this event occurred compared to the total number of events.
Sample Text
Specifies a sample text string from the event text field.