Most Common Alerts

This report provides a list of the most common alerts. Use this report to identify alerts that occur too frequently, or alerts for which automated responses may be appropriate. MOM Reporting provides this report sorted in several ways:

The report displays the most frequent alerts in each group, in descending order of frequency. The columns of this report are defined as follows:

Computer Group
Specifies the computer group from which this alert came. This column is available only in the Most Common Alerts by Computer Group report.
Processing Rule Group
Specifies the processing rule group associated with this alert.
Data Provider
Specifies the data provider for this alert.
Alert Name
Specifies the name of the alert.
Alert Count
Specifies the number of times the alert identified in the Alert Name column occurred during the time period specified in the report criteria.
Specifies the percentage that this alert occurred compared to the total number of alerts.
Automation Script
Specifies the script that was run, if any, in response to this alert.