IIS Network Performance Analysis

This report provides a graph of several IIS network performance counters for the specified server during the specified time period. Network performance counter data is averaged by the hour. The graph displays the following network performance counters:

Counters NBT Connection-Bytes Total/sec and Web Service-Maximum Connections are plotted on primary y-axis, and counter Web Service-Total Connection Attempts is plotted on seconday y-axis.

This report helps you determine whether the network, disk or processor is acting as a bottleneck for your server. You should determine the bottleneck by determining which resource is near saturation.

If NBT connection: Bytes total/sec is close to the bandwidth of your network adapter and the other two performance counters are moderate, the network connection may be a bottleneck.

If the % Disk time performance counter is at saturation and other two counters are moderate, the disk may be a bottleneck for your server.