IIS FTP Service Connection Performance Analysis

This report provides a graph of several FTP service performance counters for the specified server during the specified time interval for all FTP service connection instances. Data for FTP service connection performance is sampled at 15-minute intervals and averaged by the hour. If FTP connections are short-lived, data about those connections may not get collected to view in this report.

If you need to view data for short-lived FTP service connections, you must reduce the sampling interval for the following performance counters. To modify the sampling interval, in the console tree, expand Rules, expand Processing Rule Groups, expand Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), expand IIS, expand Reporting Rules for IIS, right-click Performance Processing Rules, click Sample Performance Data, select the applicable data provider, click Modify, and then reduce the sampling interval as needed. Repeat this procedure for each of the following counters.

Reducing the sampling interval has a performance impact so you should evaluate this change in light of your specific monitoring requirements.

The report graph displays the following performance counters.